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When is the best time to turn your sprinkler system on?

Of course, the best time for a spring start up is weather related and varies year to year but any time from late March through early June can be optimal to have your lawn and garden irrigation system activated.

When is the best time to winterize your system?

Late September through early December is usually the best time to winterize your irrigation system. Winterizing your system during this timeframe is optimal because you want to winterize your sprinkler system BEFORE we experience several days of freezing cold temperatures, specifically below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I winterize my sprinkler system myself?

We do not recommend homeowners to winterize their own sprinkler system because just turning off the water valve is NOT enough. Even if you drained the water out of your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack the components and piping. A specialized air compressor will deliver the precise amount of compressed air to effectively remove the residual water in all the systems’ main lines, lateral lines, manifold, and solenoid valves. If an improperly regulated air compressor is used, you can compromise the sprinkler heads, solenoid valves, backflow preventer, and piping from excess air pressure or friction.

When are the best times to water and how often?

Watering schedules vary based on temperatures and weather throughout the spring and summer months; however, agricultural experts tend to agree that watering is best done early in the morning, starting at or before dawn and concluding around 8 am before air heats for the day. Cool morning hours let water absorb while providing time for the excess to evaporate.

What will happen to my sprinkler system if I do not winterize it?

If a sprinkler system is not professionally winterized, there will be water left in the main lines. This means when the weather gets colder, the remaining water in the lines will freeze and the components and pipes can crack and can cause major issues. Substantial damage to the irrigation system can result and will be evident the following season when the sprinkler system is started up again.

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