Backflow Testing

Testing, Installations, and Repairs


A backflow prevention valve on a sprinkler system comes in many types and brands. Each device offers an additional level of protection against the possible chance of irrigation water backing up into and contaminating your drinking water. Many city and town water departments and water authorities mandate that specific backflow preventers are installed on every water service/supply line to an underground irrigation system. This is also true for a drip irrigation system, garden irrigation system, or any water service line that could have a potential chance of contamination with irrigation water.

A backflow preventer ensures your irrigation water from backing up and siphoning into the main water supply. Fertilizer, pesticides, and pet waste have the potential chance of entering your water supply through your irrigation system if your backflow is not working properly.


At Sprinkler Surgeon, a licensed and certified technician can perform a backflow test for you. This test ensures that your backflow preventer is working properly to eliminate possible hazard.